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Willpos ST-A20



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Mínimo 3 meses de garantía

The willpos A20 is an aesthetic and easy to use base unit which can be easily integrated into all points of sale.

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The willpos A20 is a base unit that adapts perfectly to hotel, restaurant, retail and business environments.

Innovative, the ePos sta20 has more than one string to its bow! In fact, the device combines performance, robustness, simplicity and environmental friendliness. Importantly, the Toshiba sta20 has a clip system and design that makes it perfectly integrated into your point of sale and optimizes your space.

The advantages of the st-a20 pos terminal

An intuitive system

Don't waste any more time taming your terminals! Easy to use, just a few clicks are enough for quick access to the range of possibilities of the Toshiba Tec A20.

Remarkable interactivity

With customer-focused technology, the tgcs st a20 integrates sound and video features. The strenght of the POS: an ability to attract, entertain and stimulate your customers' attention.

A device designed for the planet

A pioneer in sustainable development, toshiba a20 has been designed to reduce its ecological impact as much as possible. Recyclable material, ISO14001 standard, extended service life, reduced energy consumption: with the st-a20 base unit, make the environmental choice!

Unique flexibility of use

Equipped with a multitude of options, the a20 toshiba is adaptable at will. Customization of the display, keyboard input, software... Make your choice!

Specific features of the stA20 POS terminal

  • Intel Celeron M440 (1,86 GHz) / Intel Core2 Duo T7400 (2,16 GHz)
  • 512 Mo / 1 Go (4 Go maximum) DDR2-533 / PC-4200
  • Display: 15 "TFT touch (1024 x 768) / 12,1 "TFT touch (800 x 600)
  • Optional dual display
  • Energy : 95W / 105W
  • Weight: 11,5 kg / 10,5 kg
  • Dimensions : 366 (W) x 251 (D) x 359 (H) mm / 306 (W) x 247 (D) x 337 (H) mm

Codeo, the solution for your Toshiba a20 POS fleet

For nearly 10 years, Codeo has been helping businesses on all refurbished activities! Today, our company is the European leader in sale, buyback and epos repair services.


Purchase your Sta20 POS terminal! We guarantee all our equipment from 3 months to 1 year.


Would you like to sell your toshiba a20 base unit? With Codeo, give value to your old equipment!


Do you need to repair your willpos a20? Benefit from on-demand maintenance thanks to Codeo's expertise on pos terminals!