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Boost Sales Efficiency with PDA Rentals!

Sales seasons often require temporary investments in equipment that remain underutilized outside peak periods. The purchase of additional PDAs, or Personal Digital Assistants, for example, represents a major investment. As a result, PDA rental is becoming an increasingly cost-effective alternative. It’s also proving useful in reducing the environmental impact of your activities. 

3 advantages of PDA rental

During sales or inventory seasons, many retailers purchase additional personal digital assistants to meet temporary demands. The problem is that these purchases meet a one-off need. Once the rush is over, the new PDAs represent an accounting expense, while remaining unused. What’s more, they require regular maintenance, which costs money.

The primary advantage of PDA rental is its cost-effectiveness. Whether you opt for a one-off rental or a leasing formula, renting PDAs and barcode terminals saves you considerable expense. This frees up budgets for other, more useful items outside the sales period. 

By renting your PDAs, you only buy what you need. It’s a flexible formula, allowing you to choose: 

  • the number of devices required, no more and no less;
  • the desired duration; 
  • the warehouses involved, if you work in a multi-site environment; 
  • the PDA brands that best suit your needs.

With Codeo, for example, you can rent between 1 and 1000 PDAs for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks. You choose your equipment from our extensive catalog of brands, including Datalogic, Symbol Motorola and Honeywell. We also supply many Zebra references, including the TC56 PDA. 

Last but not least, terminal renting is a sustainable solution that supports your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. By not buying new devices, you’re not feeding a highly polluting production system either. As a result, you reduce the carbon footprint of your IT assets.

Best practices in renting personal digital assistants

For a PDA rental that ensures satisfactory performance, we advise you to carefully assess your needs: 

  • number of devices required for peak sales periods;
  • desired functionality; 
  • usual brands of barcode terminals used by your teams;
  • use in distribution, manufacturing or warehousing ; 
  • business software required;
  • maintenance contract for the duration of the rental period;
  • accessories (charging well, battery, holster, etc.);
  • rental period.

This comprehensive assessment simplifies supplier selection and aids in negotiating favorable rental terms.

Once you’ve received your barcode terminals, train your employees to use them. This improves their efficiency during peak periods. It also helps avoid numerous operating and maintenance errors. Please note, however, that Codeo’s rental terminals can be reconditioned equipment similar to those used by your teams! Our terminals are also ready to use. They are delivered to you parameterized and charged, on demand. 

Finally, don’t hesitate to report any problems with your PDAs to your supplier. Rental providers take care of repairs, software updates and PDA maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about technical problems. Your IT equipment remains operational at all times.

At Codeo, we are committed to meeting your PDA rental needs with top-quality equipment and excellent service. We rent you PDAs with accessories, even with several batteries to avoid business interruptions. We also deliver PDAs of all ranges and generations to multiple sites!