Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Through the nature of our business, Codeo contributes to the global circular economy by promoting sustainable and responsible consumption of professional IT equipment.

We at Codeo are aware of the economic, social, and environmental concerns that are highlighted by the concept of sustainable development. We are therefore focused on delivering our sustainable commitments, and have put in place a CSR policy that ensures social and environmental issues are taken into account in company decision making.

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The 4 pillars



our carbon footprint and act in the best interest of our planet


Promoting reducing, reusing, and recycling among our employees and our customers


Encouraging our employees to be key actors in the transformation of our company


Bringing our employees together through CSR projects
CSR and re-use

Codeo, a committed player in the circular economy

Through its activity, Codeo contributes to the circular economy by promoting sustainable and responsible consumption of professional electronic and electrical equipment.

In contrast to the traditional produce-consume-dispose model, we encourage our ecosystem to promote eco-design, repair, reuse, waste prevention and, finally, recycling and reuse of raw materials.

Reconditioning extends the life of equipment, whose manufacturing process is highly polluting. By choosing reconditioned equipment, you avoid producing CO2 emissions!

tonnes of recycled material sold in 2023
tonnes of C02 saved in 2023 by selling reconditioned rather than new equipment
up to 10
years of useful life thanks to re-use
our teams at the heart of our CSR policy

Our CSR ambassadors

Codeo mobilizes all its employees around principles designed to establish responsible practices that respect others, ethics, legality and the environment.

In each of the Group’s departments, we have a CSR ambassador. Thus, on a voluntary basis, 22 employees proudly bear the status promoting sustainable development within Codeo.

They participate in :

  • Decision-making on CSR strategy
  • Raising employee awareness of best practices and eco-gestures with quarterly “Greenweeks
  • Developing new projects and generating CSR ideas internally.

At the same time, the Group is committed to the professional integration of disabled people, working with La Cravate Solidaire and ESAT Saint Léonard.


On the initiative of our employees, and with a view to sharing sustainable profit, Codeo has formed partnerships with organisations such as WWF in France and the National Trust in the UK. The Greentrust combines donations of money, equipment, and time from employees, partners, and the company itself. As a result, since 2017 we have raised more than €150,000 for socio-environmental projects.

CSR Manager Codeo Group

Marine Bonnell, Codeo Group CSR Manager

In the face of global warming, more and more of us are realizing that we must all, personally and professionally, move towards new, more virtuous models. The circular economy advocates sustainable production and consumption of goods.

At Codeo Group, we are proud to be able to respond to the three challenges of societal demand from large companies by :
– extending the lifespan of their IT assets,
– reducing WEEE
– avoiding CO2 emissions linked to the production of new equipment.