Through the nature of our business, Codeo contributes to the global circular economy by promoting sustainable and responsible consumption of professional IT equipment.

We at Codeo are aware of the economic, social, and environmental concerns that are highlighted by the concept of sustainable development. We are therefore focused on delivering our sustainable commitments, and have put in place a CSR policy that ensures social and environmental issues are taken into account in company decision making.

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The 4 pillars of our CSR strategy



our carbon footprint and act in the best interest of our planet


Promoting reducing, reusing, and recycling among our employees and our customers


Encouraging our employees to be key actors in the transformation of our company


Bringing our employees together through CSR projects

Codeo measures its impact on the environment in a quantifiable way, and implements concrete actions at its Curis-au-Mont-d’Or site to reduce its ecological footprint:

  • Implementation of a company car-sharing system: more than 2,000 carpool trips per year!
  • Solar energy production: 30% of our energy usage comes from our solar production
  • Beekeeping: our employees work alongside 80,000 honeybees!
  • Adopting a “zero-plastic” policy: we provide each employee with a personalised ‘zero waste kit’ and
  • make our employees aware of eco-friendly actions
  • Development of a collaborative garden and a recycling area
  • Our goal is to make our head office a centre of circular economy
Our CSR Ambassadors

Codeo encourages its employees to rally together to establish responsible practices, such as respecting each other, ethics, the law, and of course the environment. Therefore, we have a CSR ambassador in each department within the Codeo Group. These 22 volunteering employees proudly represent our CSR policy and promote sustainable development across the company. They get involved in :

  • Decision making on CSR strategy
  • Raising awareness of good practices and eco-friendly actions through our quarterly ‘Greenweeks’
  • Developing new projects and suggesting new CSR ideas

Employee well-being is one of Codeo’s four key values, which is why the management team encourages the personal and professional development of its employees at all times, through lots of teambuilding and training events, as well as through on-site facilities (vegetable gardens, car sharing, beehives, etc). Codeo Group is also committed to the inclusion of groups such as the disabled for example, and works with associations like La Cravate Solidaire to donate office wear to those in need, and ESAT Saint Leonard who employ disabled workers.

A committed player in the circular economy

Through its core activity, Codeo contributes to the circular economy by promoting sustainable and responsible consumption of professional electronic and electrical equipment.

Contrary to the traditional production-consumption model, the concept of the circular economy promotes sustainable production and consumption of goods through eco-design, repair, reuse, waste prevention, and eventually recycling or reusing raw materials. At Codeo we can solve three key CSR issues for large companies: extending the lifespan of their IT equipment, reducing WEEE, and avoiding the CO2 emissions from the production of new equipment.

Tonnes of reused hardware sold in 2021
Tonnes of carbon avoided in 2021 thanks to the purchase of refurbished rather than new equipment


On the initiative of our employees, and with a view to sharing sustainable profit, Codeo has formed partnerships with organisations such as WWF in France and the National Trust in the UK. The Greentrust combines donations of money, equipment, and time from employees, partners, and the company itself. As a result, since 2017 we have raised more than €150,000 for socio-environmental projects.