Do your barcode terminals, point-of-sale terminals or printers break down and are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, or has the warranty expired?

If your next upgrade is not due for several years, Codeo offers you a fast and tailor-made maintenance service to facilitate the management of your IT equipment life cycle.

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With decades of experience in IT asset management, Codeo offers its clients an agile and tailored solution to maintain and secure their investments :

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Avoid business interruptions by transferring buffer stocks from day one. Business interruption is a critical risk for any company. By setting up a buffer stock for your equipment, Codeo is committed to providing you with a fully functional and configured terminal the day after you declare a failure, thereby significantly reducing downtime.


For a fast and tailor-made service, Codeo undertakes to pre-configure your equipment so that it is usable and operational as soon as your team receives it. Our mission is to anticipate your breakdowns and needs in order to offer you a preventive rather than curative workshop IT support and maintenance service.


Our 3 contract formulas can be customised according to your needs and the fleet management of barcode equipment, cash registers, PCs and printers. Total Coverage, Flexi or Coupon, Codeo is one of the only suppliers on the market to offer you total maintenance flexibility where you only pay for what you break.
Experts in equipment and maintenance


IT equipment maintenance is not limited to the repair. Codeo supports you throughout the life cycle of your equipment thanks to its expertise and a personalised service offer that adapts to your needs.

Réparation informatique Codeo

If you run an international business with barcode terminals, EPoS and for example an industrial printer in several locations, you no longer need a different supplier for each country.

Our 50 technicians in 6 technical locations in Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Poland) are at your service to repair your equipment wherever you are and to provide technical expertise via hotline in your language when you need it most.

Réparation informatique codeo
Over 15 years of technical experience

Since 2005, Codeo has developed its equipment maintenance service and now handles nearly 1000 repairs per month for international customers.

Our 50 expert technicians are trained to repair all major brands such as a 2d barcode scanner, payment terminals, PCs and printers (Motorola, Epson, Zebra, Thales, Psion Teklogix, Ingenico, Sagem, Telxon, PSC, Dell, lenovo, HP…) and continue to offer repairs on an increasing number of equipments thanks to our stock of several thousand spare parts.

Réparation informatique Codeo
Our goal is transparency so that you can follow your maintenance in one click

Number of units processed, defects detected, processing time, RMA releases …

Our online maintenance tracking platform allows you to quickly track all your past, present and future repair operations with a single click.


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Is your equipment breakage not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, or is the warranty due to expire, or is your next investment several years away?

Codeo can support you with a tailor-made back-to-shop maintenance offer that makes fleet management easier and more sustainable.

  • All ranges
  • All brands
  • All generations of equipment

Barcode scanners

Point of sale equipment

Electronic payment devices

Desktop and laptop computers

Printers and copiers

Barcode scanners

Codeo has recognized expertise in the repair of barcode equipment. Whether it’s a 1D or 2D barcode reader, a wired or wireless barcode terminal, an Android or Microsoft terminal… whatever its generation, our technicians can help you repair and extend the life of your barcode equipment.

To guarantee you uninterrupted activity, Codeo puts at your disposal a buffer stock of barcode terminals of all brands: Zebra, Symbol Motorola, Datalogic scanners and Honeywell PDAs.

We manage the maintenance of your PDAs and scanners, from the recovery of a malfunctioning unit to the return of a ready-to-use terminal.

Our barcode scanners
Maintenance terminaux code-barres

Point of sale equipment

Do you run a shop, restaurant or hotel? Your point-of-sale terminal is at the heart of your business: cash register, sales tracking, card payment management, stock control, ticket printing… ensure quality and continuity of service with Codeo maintenance.

Regular maintenance contributes to the optimal operation of your POS terminals, and therefore to continuous production.

Our team of over 40 Codeo expert technicians will work with you to guarantee optimal maintenance for all your Epson handhelds, central cash registers, cash drawers and receipt printers.

Regular maintenance contributes to the optimal operation of your POS terminals, and therefore to continuous production. Our maintenance solution is tailored to your needs, with Total, Flexi and Coupon packages. Intervention times vary according to the package you choose.

Our point-of-sale equipment

Electronic payment devices

Retailers, an electronic payment terminal (EPT) is essential for your point of sale! Maintain your fleet of Eftpos terminals, credit card readers, check readers and editors, and pinpad keypads with Codeo for trouble-free, long-term business.

We’ll support you with the maintenance and repair of your Ingenico, Verifone or Pax POS terminals, according to the formula best suited to your business and the size of your fleet (Total, Flexi or Coupon).

When you choose Codeo to maintain your payment terminals, you’re investing in the continuity of your business. You’ll be able to welcome your customers with confidence, knowing that your transactions will be processed reliably and securely.

Our electronic payment devices

Desktop and laptop computers

To boost your staff’s productivity, it’s essential to provide them with quality equipment. The average lifespan of a laptop in a company is 3 years. Repairing your laptops means delaying the premature replacement of broken equipment, avoiding the impact of manufacturing new equipment and the production of electronic waste.

Both desktop and laptop PCs can be repaired by purchasing second-hand spare parts, such as screen panels, keyboards, keyboard keys and components (RAM, SSD hard disk).

Our computers

Printers and copiers

Every day, professionals need to equip their office with a multifunction printer. It simplifies the daily tasks of printing, scanning or photocopying documents and other files, and plays a decisive role in organization.

Whether it’s paper jams, print quality or connectivity problems, we’re quick to respond to every technical challenge. Our commitment to service quality means we can keep your equipment running at peak performance, extending its life and reducing costly downtime.

Choose a customized maintenance package for your Brother, HP and Kyocera printers and copiers.

Our printers and copiers
printers and copiers
Streamline your maintenance with Codeo

With Codeo Care, back-to-basics maintenance of your barcode scanners, pos equipment or payment terminal is simple and transparent.

Codeo sets up a buffer stock of your pre-configured units to ensure that your equipment is functional from day one.

Your access to the Codeo Care platform also allows you to monitor, in real time, all operations carried out: reception, audit, repair, configuration, buffer stock… Speed, customisation and flexibility, with Codeo Care your maintenance process adapts to your needs.

3 fleet maintenance packages

Choose the Codeo Care package that suits your needs

Because all our customers have specific needs depending on their processes, the volume of their equipment and their location, Codeo offers 3 formulas to ensure fast, personalised and flexible hardware maintenance.

From the first contact with a member of the Codeo team, we will determine the solution best suited to your budget and your needs for the maintenance of your barcode scanner, pos terminal and multifunction printer.

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Total: Full coverage, annual billing

With its Total Coverage formula, Codeo Care takes care of the maintenance of your fleet with your manufacturer. No price surprises, Total Coverage offers a fixed price based on the number of units in your fleet and an unlimited number of repairs.

Flexi: Only pay for what you break

Ideal for small and medium sized businesses, with the Flexi plan, you only pay for the units you repair, "Pay as you ship"! The price is fixed for 1 year with Codeo's quality offer: fast intervention on day 1, configured equipment and 3 months warranty based on the same breakdown.

Coupon: A freedom formula adapted to your needs

With no contractual commitment, we provide you with a book of 10 repair coupons to be used within 24 months. Your equipment is repaired within 10 days and guaranteed for 3 months on the basis of the same breakdown.