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How do you maintain your IT assets?

Managing an IT asset means organising it, protecting it, renewing it and maintaining it. It is a question of preventing the risks of breakage and breakdown, anticipating the deterioration of equipment and also extending the life of its equipment beyond its manufacturer’s life cycle.

The aim is to maintain the performance of the IT assets over the long term, to keep them homogeneous for longer (avoiding the need to buy new equipment during the roadmap), to keep control of the renewal of the assets and to reduce the carbon impact. The maintenance of IT assets is therefore a multi-actor and multi-level project, which many companies do not hesitate to outsource.

What does IT maintenance involve?

There are a few tricks to improve the maintenance of your computer equipment. You can, for example :

  • Protect it with the necessary cyber security tools. Installing anti-virus software is a must. The confidentiality of your information is at stake, as well as the continuity of your services;
  • accessorize your equipment with protection adapted to its use (shells, protective film, belt or wrist cover, etc.);
  • anticipate potential breakdowns through preventive maintenance;
  • providing assistance to users via a Service Support or Helpdesk;
  • ensuring repairs, when necessary;
  • renewing workstations and equipment according to their life cycles. As a reminder, a laptop is considered to have a useful life of 3 years, 5 years for a fixed computer or a portable terminal. Servers and label printers have a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years: maintenance can enable you to extend this life cycle and thus delay your IT deployment while keeping your equipment homogeneous over time.

What is the relationship between IT equipment maintenance and outsourcing?

IT outsourcing consists of delegating to a service provider the management of some or all of your IT equipment, network and software. It covers not only the maintenance of the computer equipment, but also its management, security, technological evolution and the anticipation of technical problems. 

One of the main advantages of outsourcing is to ensure the proper maintenance of its computer equipment. The benefits of an IT maintenance provider are numerous:

  • Relieve yourself of the worry of hardware lifecycles, cybersecurity or fleet renewal to concentrate your resources on new projects;
  • Reduce the cost of avoidable repairs;
  • recover information in the event of a disaster;
  • ensure the longevity of your IT assets.

At Codeo, we provide on-site or workshop maintenance of PCs, receipt and label printers, as well as barcode and payment terminals and cash register equipment. We also offer a “helpdesk” telephone platform, with a contact person and telephone line dedicated to your company. Do you have a maintenance project for your IT equipment? Contact one of our consultants.