Perhaps you have already made firm commitments to reduce your company’s impact on the environment, in particular reducing CO2 emissions.

Perhaps reducing waste, promoting recycling, and lowering you carbon footprint have therefore become recurring themes in your CSR policies.

But what about managing your IT equipment when it becomes end-of-life?

million items of professional IT equipment are put up for sale each year in France
of the ecological impact of a device comes from the manufacturing
the increase in volumes of WEEE each year
the carbon footprint reduction of a refurbished barcode scanner compared to a new one
to 10 years added to the lifecycle of a device thanks to reuse

The benefits of reuse for a business

Codeo provides specific solutions to help our customers get involved in the circular economy. Refurbished products can not only help towards a company’s digital revolution, but also help overcome the challenges of sustainable development, the depletion of raw materials, and social responsibility, all while reducing costs and even making money.


of carbon footprint (CO2 emissions linked to the manufacture of new equipment)


of costs related to the acquisition or refresh of an estate of IT equipment


of natural resources and raw materials


to the recycling of electronic waste

Codeo : committed player in the circular economy

Our core business lies in the recovery, refurbishment, and resale of electronic equipment. Because we believe we should limit waste and do the maximum to extend the lifespan of equipment, our company has been making a concrete contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development for years.

For the lifecycle of products

using maintenance to extend the life of your estate

For a responsible consumption

add to your equipment with refurbished products

The economy
of functionality

rent equipment for your short-term needs

For giving your products a second life

use our buy-back solutions to encourage reusing and recycling

Céleste Nourissat, Head of CSR - Codeo Group

Contrary to the traditional production-consumption model, the concept of the circular economy promotes sustainable production and consumption of goods through eco-design, repair, reuse, waste prevention, and eventually recycling or reusing raw materials. At Codeo we can solve three key CSR issues for large companies: extending the lifespan of their IT equipment, reducing WEEE, and avoiding the CO2 emissions from the production of new equipment.

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