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At the heart of future commerce

Globalization, e-commerce, increasing delivery services (ship-from-store, one day delivery, delivery follow-up at any time...), are all revolutions that are transforming the transport and logistics sector a little more each day.

Transport and logistics professionals find themselves more and more torn between the sustainability of their business and their need for innovation. Human, technical and process issues that are revolutionising their organisation and pushing them to find alternative solutions to manage their IT equipment in a flexible way.

Codeo offers an efficient and tailor-made service

With the preservation of existing equipment along with the technological transition, transport and logistic operators are not always aware of the solutions available to support their growth and stabilise investments.

As experts in the transport and logistics sector, Codeo can help predict and prepare for the unknowns. Codeo offers a unique range of services to meet the needs of logistics specialists, transporters and wholesalers at any time in the life cycle of their operations.

Services which supplement those already available on the market.

Control your budget and productivity

Codeo enables its customers to control their investments in equipment while supporting the development of their business through an extensive range of maintenance services, extension, rental or trade-in of offers for IT equipment

Indoor and outdoor hardware expertise

From the road to the warehouse, from the factory to the store, Codeo assists transport and logistics professionals to ease the management of their estates with knowledge of IT equipment of all generations and all brands including, warehouse wifi barcode terminals, 4G PDAs, on-board terminals, ruggedized mobile phones, printers, PCs, etc.

Ensuring a smooth transition

Codeo offers an alternative to the market by complementing the hardware know-how of manufacturers and the software expertise of value added resellers. Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your IT equipment, we offer innovative solutions to help you maintain a standardised estate, manage hardware breakdowns and failures, renew all or part of your equipment or manage disposal of your equipment.

A local network on a European scale

To deliver a service close to our customers

Codeo's strength is above all its European presence with 5 technical and commercial centres located in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom in order to offer its international customers a service beyond their borders:

  • Customs issues
  • Management of different international currencies
  • Technical service and hotline in the language of your choice

United Kingdom





Greener IT solutions for Transport and Logistics

Transport & Logistics is changing and is increasingly integrating the idea of sustainability and ecology into its development. Codeo supports this environmental growth by offering its transport and logistics customers the opportunity to become participate in the circular economy through:

  • Managing the recycling and re-use of your old equipment by utilising it on the second-hand market.
  • Extending the life of the equipment beyond the manufacturer's guarantee
  • Supplementing your IT assets on demand by renting (short, medium and long term) and refurbishing rather than buying new

Make it a smooth migration from Windows to Android with Codeo

In 2018, Windows Mobile operating systems were discontinued and this which accelerated in 2019. Today the migration from Windows Mobile to Android is inevitable and many companies don't know how to take the leap. The end of Windows Mobile means there will be an absence of updates which will make many barcode terminals in warehouses unusable and especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Without a solution, operational productivity will be affected and system interruptions could occur, a disaster scenario in the supply chain sector.

Whether you've decided carry out the migration process step by step at your own pace or renew your entire stock, Codeo can help you through this transition period. We have a wide range of refurbished barcode terminals for Windows CE / Windows Mobile / Windows Embedded Handheld and Android, and a tailor-made maintenance offer for your required equipment configuration to enable you to migrate your equipment at your own pace.

The Challenges of Transport and Logistics

Mobility of people and machines

Mobility of employees in the warehouse and in their vehicles is a priority for logistics transport companies. In addition to being mobile, the equipment must be robust, connected to various systems (WMS, etc.) and multi-functional to offer their users continuity of information from the factory to the delivery point, including all the intermediate stages of the supply chain.

Obsolescence of equipment and systems

The volatility of manufacturers' progression, constant changes and updates in applications are all factors that require increased agility in managing logistics IT equipment. This is necessary to maintain an efficient and sustainable supply chain and business continuity inside and outside logistics warehouses.

Information real time

Whether they are inside the warehouse or on the move, everyone involved in the supply chain and transport are under increasing pressure to provide their customers with full visibility and transparency of data in real time. The foundation of the future supply chain will therefore be based on the exchange of information not only at the time of delivery, but throughout the chain thanks to high-performance barcode devices and mobile on-board terminals.

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