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Buying refurbished IT equipment : how do you make the right choice ?

Responsible IT purchasing is one of the levers for more sustainable asset management and a reduced digital footprint. It’s a solution that will enable you to keep your installed base consistent for longer, freeing you from manufacturers’ roadmaps, while avoiding the need to manufacture new products.

What does IT refurbishment involve ?

Refurbishing is an operation that consists of extending the lifespan of an appliance by repairing it and then reusing it.
The equipment is first audited, its data erased, then tested, repaired, certified and resold at a price 25% to 75% lower than that of new equipment, with a guarantee of six months to two years.

Why buy refurbished ?

● Deal with a manufacturer disruption

● Maintain a homogeneous fleet

● Make savings (-25 to 75%)

●  Reduce your environmental impact (80% of CO2 avoided)

● Preserve natural resources

A word from Maxime Bouvard, Sales Director of Remober

« The integration of refurbished equipment as an economical and ecological alternative to new equipment has reached a turning point in the culture and mentality of our professional contacts. It is now an integral part of their CSR approach, both in terms of the revalue of end-of-life equipment and the purchase of reused equipment. Nevertheless, as the market is not yet standardised, we are faced with many obstacles linked to issues of quality, safety, guarantees, refurbishing processes, etc.

As a pioneer in B2B refurbishment, it is our responsibility to create a reference framework that will reassure organisations. […] Our specialist BtoB expertise is essential if organisations are to successfully complete their projects and avoid mass-market (BtoC) shortcuts. »

3 tips for buying refurbished IT equipment with confidence

1. Choose British refurbished products

Did you know that equipment refurbished close to home has an environmental benefit between 3 and 11 times greater than that refurbished in the United States or Asia?

Yes, we’re repeating ourselves a little, but just as with maintenance, it’s essential to favour a local approach to the supply of second-hand equipment.

Today, the majority of players source their equipment from abroad, such as the United States or China. This practice not only runs counter to the ecological benefits of refurbishing, but also offers very little traceability of refurbishing conditions, the origin of spare parts, or the refurbishing standards in force.

2. Choose a multi-brand, multi-range partner

Make sure you choose a partner who understands the issues and constraints involved, and who can advise and support you in the alternative sourcing of your refurbished IT equipment : barcode scanners, professional printers or payment terminals.

3. What guarantees are there for your business ?

Tests on numerous control points, battery changes, loading of business software or specific preparation and logistics…

BtoB re-use specialists now offer a wide range of services and levels of service similar to the deployment of new fleets.

What types of IT equipment should I buy refurbished ?

A wide range of logistics, transport and retail equipment, for example, is available in refurbished condition. In the same way, check second-hand availability for accessories, software and infrastructure equipment.



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