Buying back your equipment

The simple way to dispose of redundant IT equipment

Have you renewed your estate of IT hardware and don’t know what to do with your old equipment?

Many businesses are holding stock of barcode terminals, point-of-sale material or office equipment (PC, printer, copier...) waiting to be disposed of.

There are many implications of dormant stock for businesses including, storage costs, loss of value, carbon footprint... One solution is to resell this unused equipment.

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Why move your old equipment on?

Help finance your new stock!

Resell your old equipment as a real solution to capitalise on stock you no longer use and absorb the cost of your new POS terminals, barcode scanners, PCs, etc...

your costs

Don’t pay for storing, transporting and recycling redundant POS devices, barcode scanners and printers that you no longer use.

Contributing to the circular economy

By reselling your redundant barcode scanners, POS, payment terminals and PC equipment, your company is advocating an environmentally friendly approach. Whether it is through refurbishing or recycling, the trade-in facilitates maximum preservation of resources.

Codeo buys back all your equipment!

Codeo buys back a wide range of business equipment and accessories, from point-of-sale to payment terminals, including laser printers, barcode scanners, PCs, servers and much more.

As a specialist in second life IT equipment, we refurbish the hardware we take back and put it back on the market tested, cleaned and fully operational.

Simplify the removal of your redundant IT hardware today with Codeo.


For more than 15 years, Codeo has developed its expertise in the widest range of commercial IT equipment including:

point-of-sale, payment terminals, barcode scanners and office equipment (desktop and laptop PCs, servers, screens, printers, etc.).

All generations

Whether old or new generation, Codeo can assist at any point in the life cycle of a PC, barcode terminal, printer or POS terminal to extend its service life. Codeo offers equipment a second life through take-back and refurbishment, or recycles parts that can no longer be used in compliance with the WEEE destruction standards.

Any condition

Our evaluation of the buyback price is carried out on the point of sale, payment terminal or barcode scanner, which are either functional or defective. Depending on its condition, the IT equipment will either be refurbished to enjoy a second life, or dismantled for spare parts and recycling in compliance with WEEE standards.


Our solutions to capitalise on your equipment

As a European expert in corporate IT equipment, Codeo focuses its core business on the trade-in of IT equipment.

With a storage capacity of more than 200 m² in France, our warehouse can accommodate any type of equipment, whether it be large or small quantities.

As experts in barcode equipment, payment terminals and cash registers, we buy back hardware at a fair value, whatever the brand, model, age or condition.


Codeo can offer to take on all of your IT equipment (barcode scanners, point of sale terminals, computers, laptops, servers, etc.)

To help simplify the buyback of your IT equipment, our technical teams will come to your site to audit your equipment to offer the most accurate valuation possible.

Once the valuation is accepted, we organise the de-installation and the transport of your equipment, free of charge!

A simple buyback without third parties or middlemen

Resell redundant equipment quickly with our buyback offer.

Our buyback solution allows you to obtain a clear offer which is issued as soon as possible.

Once we have been informed about your stock of barcode scanners, point of sale and/or payment terminals, its condition and quantity, we will proceed with the buyback.

Consignment stock, fully managed trade-in

Codeo’s consignment stock offers:        

  • Logistics, transport, storage, inventory
  • Restoration of equipment
  • Selling on for a second life with the help of our 800 partners and specialist sales team  

Together we define a minimum resale price to avoid any misunderstanding. Codeo regularly informs you of sales made and pays you a sales commission of up to 50% of the price sold to our customers depending on the type of equipment and our agreements. In the interest of transparency and if you wish, you can obtain the invoices issued to our customers to control the sales prices.

Quick and easy repossession with codeo

Reselling your equipment has never been easier! Codeo helps you with the resale of your POS, barcode scanners, payment terminals, PCs, printers, etc... every step of the way.

Some equipment that may be of interest to us:

Barcode scanners

Stocktaking scanners, Handheld barcode scanners, Barcode accessories (batteries, chargers, cradles, plastic housing, cables, printheads, etc.), Label printers, Vehicle mounts and chargers, Industrial scanners

Point of Sale Equipment

Base units and cash registers, Receipt printers, Screens, Customer displays, Scanners, Cash drawers, Keyboards, Cables and accessories

Electronic payment devices

Chip & pin devices, Cheque readers (Extra service: loading your own software)


Desktop computers, Laptop computers, Base units, Hard drives, Screens, Keyboards


Laser printers, Black & white printers, Colour printers, Multifunction printers , Photocopiers


DELL Poweredge, IBM Xseries / ThinkStation / Workstation, Fujitsu Primergy, HP Proliant / Workstation, Cisco UCS, SUN Série M ...

Our Best Sellers :

Find in our catalog all our barcode equipment, point of sale terminals, payment terminals, fixed computer, laptop, server, printer in refurbished and second hand purchase, buyback, short and long term rental, maintenance

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