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When to renew its IT equipment

How is a renewal of IT equipment organised ? Why is this approach necessary after a few years?

The life cycle of IT equipment follows specific stages. 

  • The company first deploys its equipment (often new), under manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Faulty or broken equipment is subject to maintenance throughout its use;
  • Then comes the moment when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Soon, the production of this equipment stops, and it becomes impossible to buy them new;
  • The company can use refurbished computer equipment to support the growth or maintenance of its fleet in operational condition while maintaining its homogeneity;
  • In the last phase, this computer park must be renewed and it will thus be taken back for recovery or recycling.

The renewal of IT equipment is a complex process, which deserves a precise strategy. Depending on the type of equipment, technological developments and user needs, it is advisable to readjust its fleet from 3, 4 or 7 years after purchase depending on the range (smartphone, tablets, computers, barcode reader, etc.). ).

Several solutions then exist, and complete renewal is not an obligation. Buying new IT equipment is not always the best solution to maintain a homogeneous IT (Information Technology) fleet.

Why consider renewing your computer equipment?

One of the main problems encountered by IT asset managers lies in the acceleration of technological cycles. Information systems (IS) are becoming more complex. Information technology, on the other hand, is becoming more and more specialised. Computer parks are therefore also diversifying.

At the same time, manufacturers regularly update their equipment. Companies therefore encounter difficulties in replacing their equipment that is out of production.

This context jeopardizes the homogeneity of IT assets , which is essential. A uniform computer park makes it possible to rationalize maintenance costs. It is also the only way to guarantee a smooth IT activity for the company in the long term.

As soon as the life cycle of the equipment is over, it is therefore necessary to renew its computer equipment .

How do you know if the life cycle of your IT equipment is over? We recognize a computer park in need of renewal by several signals:

  • operating system that is no longer maintained (security breach);
  • obsolete IT equipment (computers, tablets, smartphones, barcode terminals, etc.);
  • More and more frequent breakdowns (machines that “ bug ” or “ freeze ”);
  • Increase in breakage rates;
  • difficulties in finding spare parts;
  • equipment that no longer meets customer expectations.

What are the obstacles to the renewal of computer equipment? 

Renewing its computer equipment, however, represents significant expenditure. The total budget for the process includes the costs of:

  • new equipment
  • accessories that accompany its equipment: shells, chargers, cables, peripherals, keyboards, mice, etc. ,
  • IT furniture: PC station, stand for Ingenico payment terminals (TPE), cash desk, tablet terminal, etc. ,
  • Acquisition of new software licenses
  • External services related to integration
  • internal resources needed for IT deployment and training in new uses.

These costs encourage IT project managers to get rid of schedules/roadmaps imposed by manufacturers .

Objective: to control the renewal of its fleet to optimize costs.

There are then several solutions to keep part of the computer park without encroaching on its homogeneity:

  • complete the existing one with refurbished computer equipment ;
  • invest in maintenance, to improve the lifespan of your fleet.

When to launch your IT equipment renewal project?

There are several strategies for designing your IT renewal plan . Most companies decide to follow roadmaps and manufacturers’ warranties. Beyond the warranty period, the equipment actually requires more computer maintenance . This is why the replacement of systems generally begins at this time.

In any case, the process looks complex. Remember to draw up precise specifications for your IT renewal. A single rule: your computer equipment must remain sufficiently homogeneous to guarantee the performance of the teams of users. When the technological gap widens between equipment, replacement is necessary.

Once your computer equipment has been uninstalled, it is therefore essential to have your equipment taken back at the end of its life . These materials actually have a market and ecological value:

  • They can be reconditioned if they still work;
  • The service provider can also dismantle them to recover spare parts;
  • Ultimately, your old computer equipment can be recycled

How to renew your computer equipment?

The challenge of a fleet renewal strategy is to keep control over the progress of your IT project .

 Complying with the following three points optimizes the renewal of your IT equipment:

  1.  Choose a renewal rate. You can choose to replace your park all at once, or to spread it out, either by service or by warehouse. Its renewal over time allows IT departments to keep control of their allocated budgets.
  2.  Make sure that any new reference is compatible with the use you reserve for it. It must also work with your software infrastructure.
  3.  Plan the replacement of your computer equipment, you will be asked to anticipate the various end dates of the manufacturer’s warranty or maintenance contracts. You can use a service provider like Codeo for administrative management and planning based on these different elements. 

How to ensure the longevity of your IT equipment with Codeo?

Codeo is the partner for the management of your IT equipment. Because extending the life of your equipment is at the heart of the concerns of IT Departments, we offer a range of services allowing you to regain control over your IT roadmap: 

  • The maintenance of computer equipment which allows you to extend the life cycle of your equipment and thus postpone the fateful date of renewal
  • The additional fleet with reconditioned and second-hand equipment in order to maintain a homogeneous fleet for longer
  • The renewal of the fleet with a wide choice of reconditioned or used equipment . Rarer solution but which makes it possible to consider a renewal of IT equipment up to 50% cheaper compared to new.

Opting for maintenance or buying equipment through refurbishment also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. You also contribute to the circular economy. Enough to integrate your IT strategy into your company’s social responsibility (CSR) policy.

Objective: to allow each company to afford a homogeneous computer park , by renewing it to the extent of its means. Barcode readers, PCs, printers and collection and payment terminals: discover our offers for renewal and additional equipment , or contact our teams directly for a personalized study of your project!