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The Zebra MC32N0 is the leading barcode terminal and is one of the key devices for enterprise inventory management. Offered in brick, gun or swivel versions, this refurbished terminal has been developed in the MC3200 range with all the features to adapt to different environments and facilitate data processing tasks.

For your MC3200 – MC32N0, Codeo offers these services:



Weight : 365 gr Keyboard : 28, 38 or 48 keys System : Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 (Standard or Premium) or Android 4.1 (Premium) as desired Reading type : Laser 1D / Imager 1D-2D RAM memory : 512 mo Slot SD : Yes Guarantee : 3 Dimensions : 190,4 mm L x 81,9 mm l x 45,2 mm Format : gun, brick, straight-shoot (MC3200-G, MC3200-R, MC3200-S) Battery : 4800 mAh USB : Yes Ethernet : Yes Bluetooth : Yes Wifi : Yes Processor : Dual Core 800 MHz OMAP4 (Standard) / Dual Core 1 GHz OMAP4 (Premium) Drop resistance : 1,2 m Operating temperature : -20°C / +50°C


Deploying the Motorola MC32N0 mobile industrial barcode terminal guarantees real productivity in the management of stock takes.

Whether you are a professional in distribution, manufacturing or warehouse management, managing your data with this small-format portable terminal becomes simple and accessible. Its barcode reading speed is remarkable and its high-performance processor and long battery life make it a reliable tool for your daily missions. Whatever your field of activity, the main asset of this barcode reader lies in its ability to be multifunctional. It is also possible to find the Symbol Motorola MC3200 industrial mobile terminal in different formats, brick, gun or rotating head, in order to closely match your needs.

Advantages of the MC32 barcode scanner


Depending on your preferences, you will be able to choose your operating system between Microsoft Embedded Compact 7 or Android Jelly Bean and customise the different functions to be used.

Efficient data management

Fast barcode reading speed, cyclic countdown, real-time data synchronisation, the MC3200 terminal owes its performance to its Dual Core processor which ensures the efficiency of all its functions.

Several usage formats

Available in several models between the gun or rotating head, Zebra barcode terminals also have several types of keyboards to best suit your needs.

Long battery life

The MC3200 terminal is equipped with a high-capacity battery with an autonomy of up to 16 hours to limit the interruptions during the working day.

Codeo: the ideal solution for your Zebra MC3200 terminal

With Codeo, find a solution to buy, resell, maintain, repair or rent your Symbol Motorola MC3200 fleet. Trust the European leader in barcode terminal reconditioning, contact our experts! All of our barcode readers and scanners are guaranteed between 3 months and one year.

*Subject to terms and conditions: condition of equipment (grading), volume, reference, geographic area. Contact us to find out more.

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